The Positive Result Of Cytology Brushing At Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy Compared with Transthoracic Needle Aspiration in Central Lung Tumor

Titis Dewi Wahyuni, Boedi Swidarmoko, Rita Rogayah, Heriawati Hidayat


Background. To establish a cytology or histologic diagnosis in a patient with suspected lung cancer, flexible
bronchoscopy is an essential step in the workup. The value of obtaining brushing during fiberoptic bronchoscopy
in the workup lung cancer is optimizing. This study aims to determine whether the diagnostic yield of flexible
bronchoscopy sampling procedures in patients with lung cancer was dependent on tumour location.
Design. A survey descriptive study to find positivity result of cytology brushing at flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy
compared with transthoracic needle aspiration performed in 40 central lung tumor patient from January 2009
to Desember 2009
Setting. Bronchoscopy laboratorium Persahabatan Hospital, Jakarta
Result. Study founded the cytology analysis of brushing was positive for malignancy in 20 cases (50%), and
the cytology analysis of transthoracic needle aspiration was positive for malignancy in 32 cases (80%). Study
founded relationship among endobronchial lesions to tumor size. Study did not found relationship among
endobronchial lesions to location and type of cancer. Of 40 patients who underwent fibreoptic bronchoscopy
examination, brushing were performed, respectively. For patients with bronchoscopically-visible tumours,
yielded diagnostic specimens for lung cancer in 50 percent of patients, respectively. Brushing was likely to be
diagnostic in patients with tumours in the right upper lobe bronchi. The diagnostic yields were influenced by
the bronchoscopically-mass or non-mass and tumor size.
Conclusion The diagnostic yields of bronchoscopic sampling procedures were dependent on tumour visibility
during bronchoscopy and location of bronchoscopically-visible tumours.There was a trend toward higher
combined diagnostic yield in brushing and transthoracic needle aspiration when compared one modality. (p=
Keywords: Lung cancer, bronchoscopy; brushing


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