Contribution of Respiratory System in VO2 Max

Muchsin Dawoes, Kiyatno Kiyatno, Suradi Suradi


Background : Multifactorial influence on VO2 max e.g respiratory, cardiovascular, O2 transport and tissuebiochemical
system. The purpose of this study to explore contributional respiratory system to VO2 max on
variety of sport.
Method : The study were done from June to August 2008 among 155 sport athletes of 7 sport fields using
simple random sampling based on minimal sample size. There are 85 athletes met the defined inclusive
and exclusive criterion who were measured accordingly with; (1) spirometric, tidal volume (2) hemoglobin
consentration with cyanmethemoglobine measured (3) Astrand Step Test, VO2 max followed by (4) pulsmeter
heart rate determination. Data analysis were done by regression and ANAVA.
Results : The results shows that contributional levels of respiratory, O2 transport and cardiovascular system
are 12,32%; 36,97% and 45,51% accordingly.
Conclusions : The respiratory contributional levels is under the contributional levels of cardiovascular or O2
transport system.
Keywords : VO2, cardiovascular, O2


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