Computer Operator's Low Back Pain Caused By Sitting Position and Duration

Dyah Wulan Sumekar RW, Deny Natalia


One of the pain that often occurs in human is low back pain, usually occurs in adults aged 33-55 years. According todata at regional hospital Lampung Tengah in 2006, there were 32 patients with low back pain, and increased in thenext two years. Majority of patients were computer operator. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect ofsitting position and duration on low back pain. This study was cross sectional study of 120 computer operators inBandar Jaya Disctrict of Lampung. The results showed that 27/65 (41.5%) on good sitting position groupexperienced low back pain, while in the bad sitting position was11/12 (91.7%), with p = 0.011 and risk value 15.481times. In> the >4 hours sitting duration group, 37/63 (58.7%) experienced low back pain, whereas in <4 hours groupwas 1 / 13 (7.1%), with p = 0.006 and risk value 18.497 times. Combination of -sitting position and duration has asignificant effect on low back pain (p = 0.017 and 0.010) and gave 21.400 and 24 607 times risk. In conclusion, eachsitting position and duration has influence on low back pain, and is a risk factor. Combination of sitting position andduration increase its impact and risk. [MKB. 2010;42(3):123-7].

Key words: Low back pain, seating duration, seating position



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