Thoracic Photo Profile of Lung Tuberculosis Beijing and Non Beijing Genotypes

Ristaniah D. Soetikno, Ida Parwati


Beijing genotype Mycobacterium tuberculosis has higher virulence, spread globally, and more resistant comparewith non Beijing. Observational analytic study with cross sectional design to determine the thoracic photos profile ofthe two genotypes, was done September 2003–December 2005 at Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung. Thoracicphotos were analyzed by two radiologists. Subjects consisted of 206 men and 196 women comprising of 131 Beijingand 271 non Beijing. The mean age was 31 years. Thoracic photo description by observer I on Beijing showed 60(45.8%) mild and 71 (54.2%) severe; non Beijing 205 (75.6%) mild and 66 (24.4%) severe. Observer II were 62(47.3 %) mild and 69 (52.7%) severe of Beijing; 208 (76.8%) and 63 (23.2%) non Beijing, respectively. There wassignificant difference between Beijing and non Beijing (p <0.05). Cavitation of Beijing by both observer was 69(52.7%), whereas non Beijing were 61 (22.5%) and 60 (22.1%), respectively (p<0.05). Cavitation of Beijing ≥4 cmwas 42 (60.0%) by observer I and 40 (58.0%) by observer II, there was no significant difference between <4 and ≥4cm (p >0.05). Similarity description from two radiologist was 265 of 270 in mild, and 132 of 137 in severe ( >0.80).In conclusion, thoracic photos of Beijing genotype is significantly more severe with more cavitation.[MKB. 2010;42(3):92-5].

Key words: Beijing genotype, lung tuberculosis, non Beijing genotype, thoracic photo



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