Anesthesia Management in Pediatric Heart Catheterization

Qadri Fauzi Tanjung


The development of cardiac catheterization technique was originally started with a diagnostic and then followed by a therapy in which catheterization intervention has become a routine action in laboratory space catheterization. The continued development of catheterization resulted in the need for higher safety measures so that initially only need sedation in anesthesia to the more complex action even general anesthesia.

Anesthetic techniques also evolved from initially only mild sedation that does not require the anesthesiologist to perform sedation with anesthesiologist should be accompanied and even to general anesthesia that require monitoring, such as surgery and post procedure management. Cardiac catheterization also can cause complications that make an anesthesiologist should be ready to perform emergency management cooperate with the Cardiologist and radiologist.

Key words: cardiac catheterization, the child, treatment of anesthesia


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