Herald Napitupulu


Sepsis is a clinical syndrome that caused by inflammation reaction initiated by infection. Sepsis is one of the biggest cause of death in USA that requires proper treatment according to the guideline of the (Surviving Sepsis Campaign) SSC to decrease morbidity and mortality.

In this case, patient was admitted with fever, dyspnea, and bloating. First diagnosis of the patient was a fever observation, and then patient was admitted to ward for about a week before patient was admitted to ICU with sepsis and respiratory distress. Patient was intubated and supported by ventilator. Laboratory findings: Hb 11,7;Ht 35; Leu 29.000; Thromb 194.000; Ur 29; Cr 1,3; PCT 61,5 dan lactate 4,1. Treatment of this patient was being adapted with the guideline of SSC, even though the surgery indicated for  finding and controlling the infection’s etiology was started in more than 24 hours after the first management. After the surgery, patient was getting better, and patient was extubated on the fifth day, and admitted to IMC on seventh day.

Keywords: sepsis, severe, surviving sepsis campaign


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