Comparison of Several Povidone Iodine 10%-Alcohol 70% Contact Time for Back Skin Antiseptic in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital

Niluh Kusumadewi


Background: The aim of this study is to determine skin colonization after application of povidone iodine 10%-Alcohol 70% over a periode of cantact time for antisepsis procedure on the patient’s back.

Methods: In this clinical trial study, blinding only applied on microbiology laboratory staff . The study compares bacteria’s colonization post antisepsis procedure on back skin using povidone iodine (PI) 10% followed by alcohol 70% in several diff erent periods of contact.

Results: The mean log of colony after application of PI 10%-alcohol 70% showed significant reduction compared to baseline group for each contact time tested (p<0.01). The 100% negative colony growth was showed in 180 second group. The reduction factor of mean colony 60 and 120 second were not signifi cantly diff erent with reference group (p>0.05), which meant that PI contact time for 60 or 120 second was as eff ective as reference time.

Conclusions: Contact time of PI 10%-alcohol 70% for 60 and 120 second were as eff ective as 180 second in reducing colony count for antisepsis procedure on back skin.

Keywords: Antiseptics, eff ective, back skin, povidone iodine 10%, contact time.


Full Text: Full Text in Bahasa Indonesia


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