The Study of Anti-Osteoporotic Activity of Spilanthes Acmella and Exercise Combination on Mice Dexamethasone Induced

Hening Laswati, Mangestuti Agil, Rr. Retno Widyowati


Introduction: Spilanthes acmella or which already knowby society as Legetan, is one of Indonesian medicinal plants In previous in vitro study, it was reported that 70% ethanol extract, buthanol and water fraction from this plant have increased alkaline phosphatase that known as marker of bone formation. Aim. The objective of this in vivo study was to analysis the anti osteoporosis effect of Spilanthes acmella.
Method: This study using a post-test control group design, 60 male healthy mice which were randomizely devided into 10 groups. There were healthy control group and osteoporosis groups.The osteoporosis group divided into positive control group (alendronat),70% ethanol extract and physical exercise group, the combination of 70% extract ethanol and exercise,   the butanol, hexane, etil asetat and water fraction group. The study conducted for 4 weeks
Result: Combined 70% ethanol extract Spilanthes Acmella with physical exercise significantly increased trabecular bone density   greater than 70% ethanol extract without physical exercise.
Conclusion: It was proved that 70% ethanol extract of Spilanthes acmella have an additive effect to physical exercise in osteoporotic condition.
Keyword: Spilanthes acmelle, osteoporosis, bone density



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