Genital Health Care in Adult Female

Salma Oktaria


Introduction: Anatomical and physiological characteristic of female genital organ makes it more vulnerable to various irritants and infectious agents. Furthermore, accumulated vaginal discharge can cause irritation, rash, and unpleasant odor which emphazise the importance of daily genital health care. The usage of various female genital products that consist of perfume, vaginal washing from back to front, friction, the usage of recycling toilet paper, the usage of shaving blade on vulva area, vaginal douching, the usage of tight pants from syntethic fabrics, smoking, high risk sexual behaviour, and frequency of sexual intercourse are several factors that can influence genital health. Several studies showed that there was no significant association between the usage of panty liners and increase risk of bacterial or Candida spp. infections in genitourinarial tract. However, compared to permeable panty liners or not using panty liners, impermeable panty liners can increases temperature, moisture, pH, and the amount of aerob microorganism in genital, which is statistically significant.
Keywords: genital health care, adult female




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