Correlations Between Pinch Strength and Advanced Hand Activities in Motor Assessment Scale of Post Stroke Patients

Cice Tresnasari, Vitriana Vitriana, Sunaryo Barki Sastradimaja


Introduction: Muscle strength is one of the components in a movement. Hand dexterity is needed in doing everyday functional activities which consists of pinch, tip pinch, lateral pinch and palmar pinch. In post stroke patients with distorted hand dexterity, advanced hand activities in doing functional movements are also distorted. This is the reason behind the study to correlate each types of pinch movement to everyday functional activities.
Methods: Thirty four pasca stroke patients (17 female and 17 male) aged 40-59 years old were measured for tip pinch, lateral pinch and palmar pinch strength using pinch meter and then functionally measured using advanced hand activities motor assessment scale (MAS).
Result: This study resulted in significant correlation (p<0.05) between tip pinch and lateral pinch strength to advanced hand activities in motor assessment scale.
Conclusion: Pinch types of tip and lateral are significantly correlated to advanced hand activities in MAS in post stroke patients.

Keywords: pinch strength, advanced hand activities, motor assessment scale, post stroke




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