Perbandingan proporsi kepositivan Rapid Test Syphilis dengan TPHA Plasmatec pada Wanita Penjaja Seks

Vinia Ardiani Permata, Sri Adi Sularsito, Retno Widowati Soebaryo, Saiful Fahmi Daili, Wresti Indriatmi B. Makes


The availability of new easier, faster, more accurate, and inexpensive diagnostic test such as rapid test or point-of-care test, can improve the medical care of public health problems as syphilis. One of rapid treponemal tests currently available is DiaSpot® Syphilis. Rapid test or point-of-care test may allow treatment at initial visit to prevent further transmissions and complications. To compare positivity proportion of DiaSpot® Syphilis rapid test with TPHA Plasmatec test in female sex workers. 232 subjects was included to the study at Kassi Kassi Public Health Center in Makassar, South Sulawesi; interview, and physical examination were performed and blood sample was taken to test the sera with DiaSpot® Syphilis rapid test. Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay Plasmatec test was performed on all sera at laboratory of sexually transmitted infection division, department of dermatovenereology dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta. DiaSpot® Syphilis rapid test showed positive result in 27 (11,6%) subjects, while TPHA Plasmatec test showed positive result in 29 (12,5%) subjects. Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of DiaSpot® Syphilis rapid test compare to TPHA Plasmatec test were 93,1% (CI 95% 85,1; 93,1), 100% (CI 95% 98,8; 100), 100% (CI 95% 91,4 ; 100), 99% (CI 95% 97,9 ; 99), respectively. There was no statistical difference between positivity proportion of DiaSpot® Syphilis rapid test 11,6% to TPHA Plasmatec test 12,5% (p = 0,77 ).


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