Analisis Utilisasi Resep Antibiotik Pasien Rawat Jalan Tingkat Pertama (RJTP) di Puskesmas Tebet Jakarta Selatan Tahun 2005

Nurlaili Isnaini


The tendencies of overusing of antibiotics in primary health care indicates the irrational drug use and inhibits the decrease of morbidity and mortality through increasing bacterial resistance and elevate drug expenditure. The objective of this study was to know the description of antibiotics drug utilization. Results of this study were the percentage of prescription containing antibiotics was 37,74%. The biggest proportion of antibiotics utilization found in adult patients (12-65 year old) i.e. 56,5%, individual payment patients was 89,8% and non-ARI infectious disease was 61,6%. The average number of days antibiotics use was 4 days, that was not in accordance to the antibiotics medication guideline. The average price of single prescription was Rp. 6.226,01 where the average R/ per prescription was 3 items. The result of multivariate analysis indicated age (except elderly), payment status, diagnosis of ARI, and duration of antibiotics use significantly able to predict drug price per prescription and the average R/ per prescription. It was suggested to conduct standard prescription particularly regarding to duration of medication, more specific price analysis focused on antibiotics price is also suggested. Key words: Utilization, antibiotics drugs, RJTP patients


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