Kendala Pengawasan Melekat Bahan Habis Pakai Pasien Gakin (Unit Rawat Inap RS Persahabatan Tahun 2006)

Ernawaty -


The implementation of direct supervision in consumables/drugs and medication for poor patient is considered as of highly important. The objectives of the research are to identify weak point in supervision unit components and related factors including organizational structure, implementation policy, and corrective action. The study used qualitative method using both primary and secondary data including passive observation, document review, and in-depth interview to key informants. To validate the data, source triangulation was used as well as member checking, peer discussion, and negative case analysis. The study found that obstacles in supervision are related to facility and supervision targets (unit components), leadership, supervisory culture, and improper corrective action. It is suggested to review unit components related to facility and supervision target by improving knowledge on supervision management. It is also suggested to establish positive supervision culture including corrective action and collaboration between units and dispensary in a regular way. Key words: Direct supervision, consumables, poor families


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