Vol. 3. No. 1 January 2015

Table of Contents


Preterm Delivery and the Psychological Burden on Parents Full text in English
Ali Sungkar 2

Research Article

Identifying Causes of Vaginal Discharge: The Role of Gynecologic Symptoms and Signs Full text in English
Farhan D Hasan, Dwiana Ocviyanti 3 - 10
Serum Malondialdehyde Level as a Risk Factor for Threatened Abortion Full text in English
Gusti N Sutama, I Gede P Surya 11 - 14
Difference of Serum MMP9 and TNF-α Level in Preterm and Term Premature Rupture of Membranes Full text in English
Aji P Wibowo, Sri Sulistyowati, Supriyadi H Respati 15 - 18
Helminth Infection in Pregnancy: Effect on Serum Albumin Level and Pregnancy outcome Full text in English
Steven Ridwan, Sitti Wahyuni, Maisuri T Chalid 19 - 25
Serum Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in DMPA Acceptors: Influence on Bleeding Occurrence Full text in English
Ratih Pratiwi, Rizani Amran, Usman Said, Irsan Saleh 26 - 31
CTelopeptide in Relation with Osteoporosis Risk Classification Using Osteoporosis Self Assessment Tools for Asian (OSTA) in Postmenopausal Women Full text in English
Willy Pangestu, Maria Loho, Freddy Wagey 32 - 37
Laceration Extension in Median and Mediolateral Episiotomy Full text in English
Bobby I Utama, Junizaf Junizaf, Budi I Santoso, Ermawati Ermawati, Surahman Hakim 38 - 43
Postoperative Urinary Retention in Total Vaginal and Abdominal Hysterectomy in Benign Gynecological Disorders Full text in English
Hertia Triarani, Tyas Priyatini 44 - 50
Sexually Transmitted Infection in Correlation with Cervical Precancerous Lesion Full text in English
Junita Indarti, Riyan H Kurniawan, Hanny Nilasari 51 - 55

Case Reports

Complete Atrioventricular Block in Pregnancy Full text in English
Christin Wigin, Erdwin R Hasibuan, Soetikno Soetikno, Yoga Yuniadi, Liva Wijaya 56 - 59

ISSN: 2338-7335